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Mythic Solutions believes that we are healthier as part of a community.  That we ourselves become healthier through creativity, self expression, and personal awareness.  We also believe that these things and more can be found in role-playing games. Through group story telling and narration we can change who we are, exploring how we would like to be.  

Role-playing games are about more than slaying fictional monsters with an imaginary sword.  They are about people getting together, to cooperatively tell a story.  A story in which the characters experience various struggles and challenges, but through teamwork and creativity create a tale that resonates with the players themselves. 

Our Game Masters share more than a love of gaming.  We believe that by playing through guided scenarios (aka role-playing games) we can support cognitive development in our youth.  We can encourage end develop skills such as: reading, math, critical thinking, problem solving, teamwork, and leadership. As well as can share understanding relating to the history, culture or traditions our own or of other peoples.  These skills and knowledge are relevant for our children and youth especially in the North. Long cold winters and remote communities, people of all ages can struggle to find healthy ways to keep busy or engaged.  Young people and adults alike can get caught up in anti-social, unhealthy, or reckless behavior.  However a group of gamers can always find something to do on a cold winter day.  They can gather as friends without needing drugs or alcohol, and they can build bonds of community and friendship instead of getting bored and into trouble.

Mythic Solution aims to use role-playing and cooperative storytelling to foster individual well-being and to build better communities.

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