About Our GM's



Chris: Growing up on a small farm in Southern Ontario, I was quiet, enjoyed reading, and if you could believe it, somewhat socially awkward.  In high school, some 20 mumble years ago, a family friend gifted me with a set of books – Advanced Dungeons and Dragons.  Even before playing for the first time, the colorful illustrations,  and instructions on creating your own fantasy world began to pull me in.  With few friends, there was little opportunity to even try the game, until I remembered a classmate who had occasionally been seen carrying a foam axe in his back pack. 

  “Hey, do you know anything about Dungeons and Dragons? A friend gave me some books, and I don’t know anyone who plays.”  Little did I know how that one question would change my life. 

     Initially my parents were skeptical of my new hobby.  They had heard concerning things about D&D.  However the fact that their awkward son had made some friends was enough for them to keep an open mind.  After the first time that the game was held at my home, their concerns disappeared.  Here was an opportunity for me to make new friends, and to express myself creatively as well, an opportunity to come out of my shell.  Many of the people I knew weren’t so lucky, and had to hide their D&D books lest their parents find out what they were doing and ground them or worse.    As the years began to pass by, our group changed.  It grew, or shrank as friends moved into or out of our lives.  Yet for all that I've lost touch with most of the people I grew up with.  Its the gamers, those who shared the bond of gaming who I've managed to keep in contact with over the years.  

As we aged into University, the group continued to change.  The campaign world of Argyle that we had created back in high school now had groups and players spreading from the Halifax, through Toronto, and west to Vancouver.  Gradually even spreading north into the Yukon as well.  As people and gamers we have grown and changed as well.  In Ontario, I got my first degree in Adventure Leadership (Human Kinetics with a specialization in Outdoor Education).  Later upon moving to the Yukon and beginning work in the field of Social Services I took on the Bachelor of Social work as well.  !0 years later, Dungeons and Dragons is coming into the main stream, and becoming more popular than ever.  Mythic Solutions believes in utilizing role-playing games to create a narrative, a shared story by which we as players, game masters, community members can share, grow, and heal in a fun and ultimately positive way. 


 Dave: First introduced to RPG's in the mid 90's. He  immediately took a shinning to it absorbing and reading as much as he  could before stepping behind the screen and becoming a GM. Dave has been  GMing for over 19 years now; and consistently  has used the custom world of ARGYLE has he source world. He is  comfortable in a verity of systems and genre's, from Super Heroes, to  Vampire, to Sci-Fi and of course fantasy. Dave has long supported the  gaming community by volunteering with Game Days and GM  workshops. he believes in building immersive worlds and stories with  well though out and engaging NPC's. Outside of Gaming Dave has a love of  the outdoors and adventure recreation, using many personal experiences  and places as settings for his campaigns and  encounters.