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Thank You to everybody who participated!

Presented By JP|Co Yukon's Mortgage Brokers, Yukon Comic Culture Society, and Mythic Solutions:

Taking place at the Whitehorse Guild Hall, Dinner & Dragons is a themed dining event.  Our guests will be sorted and placed into several small groups of approximately 5 plus a GM, and each participant will be given a character to act out (much like a murder mystery).  

 Our GMs will guide their respective groups as they direct their characters through an evolving story experience. Will you role play a mixed group of explorers as they reconnoiter a haunted ruin? Do you see yourself at a king's ball, acting the part of a noble while secretly trying to foil a wicked plot? Or maybe you hear of lost riches calling your name and summoning you towards adventure. What would you choose? 


Following the conclusion of the individual stories, participants will be invited to share in a medieval themed dinner and conversation while enjoying a historical demonstration by the Company of the White Wolf.

After dinner, one person from each of the previous groups will be nominated to participate in the final chapter. With and audience cheering them on, these heroes will take the plots generated earlier, and weave them into the epic conclusion of the story. By the end of the final act, our participants will have each contributed part of a story which ties them all together as heroes of their local community.

*Ages 16+


  • Dinner & Dragons: Play as a random Character in a random Campaign.
  • Final Encounter: A chance to win a seat in the Final Encounter.


  • Dinner & Dragons: Choose your Character OR your Campaign.
  • Final Encounter:  A chance to win a seat in the Final Encounter.
  • Goblet with complimentary drink.


  • Dinner & Dragons: Choose your Character AND Campaign.
  • Final Encounter: A chance to win a a seat in the Final Encounter.
  • Goblet with two complimentary drinks.
  • Parchment copy of Grand Campaign Map.

Grand Campaign Path

A Crisis of Faith


King Goodwyn has taken notice of rumors of bad luck within Charis and believes that something sinister is afoot. As a practitioner of the faith of Attest he has dispatched a party of the Kingdom’s most devout Heroes to go to The Ordroka, meet with the new Prelate Tanred Krisro and get to the bottom of these strange happenings.

Murder in the Fens

 Lord Howlet has been murdered! The death of its Lord has shaken the people of Howlet’s Marsh to their foundations.   Was it a mad play for power by one of the two possible successors of the title? One of them will be made Lord of Howlet Marsh, and the other will likely hang for murder.   Only the most cunning investigators will discover the truth behind this attack on the Royal Bloodline, and grant King Goodwyn his vengeance in the wake of this tragedy. 

Darkness in the Felwood

"To save the Kingdom, seek out ancient truths, and swallowed secrets in the shadowed depths of the ruins of Om-Kethir."  Gambling on the vague words of divination, the King has called for heroes to investigate the Weeping Bog, and to unearth its secrets.

Intrigue in the Council of Lords

Queen Jocephea has called a meeting of the Council of Lords.  With the recent murder of the King’s cousin, the bloodline of the throne is now almost gone.  The King himself is the last of his line, and the Queen has not yet been able to conceive a child.  She has called upon the best of the Kings spies and brought them undercover in Im-Pharos capital to investigate rumours of a plot against the throne, and the Queen herself. She  presents a dangerous plan to expose the conspirators: open the line of succession to both sides of the royal family.  Her operatives will be unable to attend the council meetings directly, but everyone knows that even more intrigue takes place during the feasts and parties. 

*This Campaign is designed to focus heavily on the RP (roleplaying elements of the game.

In Defense of Derleth Wells

The trading town of Derleth Wells is a rocky oasis in the Wastes of Aagh. This vital resupply point  has recently become vulnerable to attack. Responding to reports of Orc tribes gathering near the Red Cliffs, the Army has been given orders to go in force to eliminate the threat. However this will leave the town undefended. Fearing am attack, General Willbert has defied orders, and left a skeleton force to defend the town and its citizens.  The General has called upon 5 of his most trusted Lieutenants to take command of the defense of Derleth Wells.

*This Campaign is designed to focus heavily on tactics and strategy.

Fate of the Family

 The Lady Mara, attending the Council of Lords has been commanded by the Queen to summon Trinity Howlet to the Capital to be inducted into the Kingdom’s line of succession.  However, the journey is not without risk. The road to Om-Saidr capital has become fraught with danger as bandits act openly, as if unafraid of reprisal. The Queen has called for courageous and loyal adventurers to escort the Princess-to-Be to her coronation.


Salad Course

Quinoa salad with Raspberry Vinaigrette Dressing 

Main Course

Irish Style Stew in a Bread bowl.   

Choose either:

 Slow Roasted Elk 

6 Bean Medley

Desert Course

Ginger Apple Crumble

with scoop of Vanilla Ice Cream.