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Grand Campaign


Save the Child

 Out at sea a fierce naval battle rages. Nearby is the wreckage of a small craft and a pair of dead sailors. A basket floats in a small tide pool, and from within comes the cry of an infant. Approaching you see a child swaddled in the flag of the Kingdom of Im-Pharos. Could this be the missing heir? With the king dead this child must be at the Stone Circle in time for the ceremony else the Kingdom will lose the blessings of the ancient elemental spirits. But to do that you and your friends need to see the infant safely through the Weeping Bog and hopefully link up with others loyal to the Crown. To save a child. To save a kingdom. Will you take up the challenge?

*GM David is an avid story-crafter, and world builder who stumbled into RPG’s at the age of 12 and hasn’t stopped since. Thinks Dr Pepper is a better drink to bring on an adventure to attack the Darkness than Mountain Dew.

Trial of the Unicorn

In a time of succession there lies turmoil, tumult, and deceit. It is hard if not impossible to tell whose intentions are benevolent, honest, or pure. In such times only certain creatures are able to pierce through the fog of lies. One such being is the legendary Unicorn. Deep within the western reaches of the fey touched Songwood it is said that such a being resides and it is up to a small group of adventurers to quest into this dangerous glade and attempt to find and enlist the aid of the Unicorn in hopes that its powers of good will be able to unveil the plot within the kingdom and help the  rightful heir ascend to his destiny upon the throne. But it will take more than just prowess in battle to achieve this feat. It is said that the friendship of a Unicorn must be earned and earn it you must through the trials of the Songwood. 

*GM Ely Has been GMing for just over 15 years and is looking forward to bringing the magic of this story rich hobby to you.

In the Vaults of Shadow

The King is dead, the heir missing. Only in darkness and dishonor can the light be found. From the Shadow the key to the circle opening is found. From a Den of captivity and death will these souls come forth. Six will leave, only one will enter the circle. Through chaos, heat, illusion and green only then will the travelers find the shrine to the first guardians of the line that hold the key to the circle. The Dead will rise to protect the living.

GM Nick  is an energetic and enthusiastic Dungeon Master and player who has been involved with Role Playing Games for around 25 years. His main goal is to try and make sure that the players that he is at the table with have a great time creating a story together. 

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Keep an eye for further game and GM introductions

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 Keep an eye for further game and GM introductions 

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 Keep an eye for further game and GM introductions 

A Note for Players

Dinner & Dragons 2020 will use the Pathfinder 1st Edition rule set.  This means if you attended in 2018 and kept your character sheet, you can bring and play that same character in Dinner & Dragons 2020.  If this will be your first time, fear not your GM will have a character ready and waiting for you.

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