Our Core Programs


Mythic Solutions offers 3 separate program streams.

  Therapeutic.  Working in partnership with local counselors and therapists, participants and their counselor work collaboratively with our Game Masters to identify goals and objectives, and to establish scenarios by which the participant can address their concerns.  Ongoing communication and involvement between participant, game master, and counselor helps to ensure that progress remains relevant and on track.   

Healthy Community:  Our Healthy Community programs are targeted towards educational/developmental programs, and also to the remote communities of the North.  Mythic Solutions believes not only do role-playing games promote brain development, problem solving, and critical thinking, but they also support positive social interaction and can ease cases of  isolation and loneliness.  To this end Mythic Solutions supports youth education, literacy programing, traditional knowledge, and justice diversions.  We also offer Gaming as Community Workshops and Game Master Development Programs to our Northern Communities.  

Recreation and Enjoyment:  At their core, role-playing games have always been about having fun and making friends.  Mythic Solutions actively supports introducing people to this exciting and creative hobby.  If you would like to try playing but lack a group.  If you would like to learn how to run your own game.  Or if you have a group of friends and just need someone to run an adventure, then contact Mythic Solutions.   Birthday's (youth or adult alike), Holidays, Retreats, or other Events

Typical Sessions last 3 hours, and reoccur on a basis of 1 / 5 / 10, or ongoing play programs. Prices vary by program/distance from Whitehorse.